Is Your Milwaukee Area Home Ready to Sell?

Sellers are wise to have their Wisconsin home inspected before it’s put on the market. A Home Smart Pre-Inspection from Open Hearth Home Inspection based in South Eastern Wisconsin will identify potential problems with your Milwaukee home before those problems become a deal breaker. A Home Smart Pre-Inspection also helps Wisconsin home sellers eliminate your legal liability for repairs needed after the home is sold. A Home Smart Pre-Inspection is the simple due diligence smart home sellers do before putting a Milwaukee home on the market.

The Home Smart Pre-Inspection Program is a unique home-seller-friendly program specifically designed to avoid home inspection issues that delay the closing process, or worse, prevent a buyer from making an offer to purchase. Our Home Smart Pre-Inspection Program is offered to the home seller with no home inspection fee until your Milwaukee home sells. This gives you peace of mind during a stressful time, while allowing you to save money or put it toward the purchase of YOUR new home. Let’s face it, the selling old home, buying new home moving process has enough stresses.

The Home Smart Pre-Inspection Program protects the Milwaukee home seller’s property as well as their bottom line. Having a pre-inspection performed on a Wisconsin house before it’s put on the market – or while it’s on the market – is not only a wise decision, it’s one of the best decisions you’ll make in selling your Milwaukee home or Wisconsin property.

Home Smart Pre-Inspection helps to sell Milwaukee homes.